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Most of the covers here are postally used. They show signs of wear and tear. The rear of the envelopes may show addresses, notes or comments. To my mind, it is these very 'imperfections' and signs of use that make the covers so fascinating. Unlike their sterile, mint cousins, used covers really are unique, they have a back-story. At the very least we know for sure they were written, posted, collected and delivered by members of the society in which we are interested, and we know that the stamps are real and of the period in question.

Recent developments, however, have revealed that covers bearing licked stamps even contain the sender's DNA. Now that's what I call a unique piece of Cold War history!

I should also mention that I am a UK-based collector of DDR covers and ephemera rather than a professional dealer. I will therefore always consider offers and swaps and will always answer email queries. Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something here of interest.

Collecting stamps was a hobby loved by many in East Germany. Around 70,000 East Germans were members of the German Democratic Republic’s Philatelist Association.

Televisions and telephones were hard to come by. Only 52 per cent of GDR households owned a colour TV, while only 9 per cent of households had a telephone. In West Germany, a massive 94 per cent of households owned a colour TV, and 98 per cent had a telephone!

Today, in the West, Trabant cars – 'Trabbis' – are collectors’ items. Before the Wall fell, many GDR citizens had to wait for up to 15 years after ordering to receive theirs, which meant that used Trabants would fetch higher prices than new ones.

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